A bio, if you will. 

Hi! This seems weird to be jumping on the proverbial bandwagon after having a blog became ‘cool’ a while back, but essentially I wanted to create a space in which I can get good recommendations for books. I am an 18 year old woman currently living in London, working as a chef.  I’ve always enjoyed reading since a very young age and have a very large collection of (fictional predominantly) books at my parents home from my childhood. My job is very stressful and to counteract that I enjoy reading in my spare time, specifically action and mystery books eg: sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie and poirot but am also a fan of teen books such as ‘we were liars’ by E. Lockhart  which is one of my favourites and ‘elsewhere’ by Gabrielle Zevin, of which the plot and general idea of the story has stuck with me for years. 

I have a plan to attempt to get through one new book each fortnight, for a year, but I want to expand my reading horizons and perhaps even find my new favourite novel. If you could tell me about any novels that you like and why, it would be so brilliant! 

Hopefully I’ll get enough opportunities to reply and update regularly. 



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